Monday, June 2, 2008

Cutting Grass

I just got a summer job for cutting grass. This is my very first job and I am so happy. I will now be cutting grass or mowing yards, however you like to say it for $25. This is really cool as long as it stops raining. My dad said you can't cut grass right after it rains because the mower won't work. It is hard driving the mower up and down the hill so my dad has to do that part but I am doing the rest. I can't wait to do it today.

If I cut grass 2 times a month I'll make $50 or four times and I'd get $100. This can really add up. Dad said I have to put some in a bank account so I can save it. I don't know what I'll do with the other part yet.

How much do you make mowing grass? Did you cut grass as a kid?


Askew To You said...

I cut my family's grass, but I did not get paid. I hope you enjoy your job.

Anonymous said...

I cut grass, shoveled snow and ran errands. When I graduated from High School I had over $5,000 saved.