Monday, April 14, 2008

Ideas to Make Money

Here are some more ideas to make money. You could babysit up to $20 per hour per kid. You can mow lawns and get $10 per yard. Have people pay you $5 to clean their yards, especially those that have lots of stuff in it. Or you can try your hand at blogging, but it does take some time to make money blogging.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

5 Money Making Kid Ideas

1 Blogging- Believe it or not some blogs actually make money online.

2 Lawn Mowing- Once winter is over grass starts popping up, pull out that lawn mower and start your own services. There'll be tons of people that don't want to mow their own yards.

3 Chores- It may not make much but when you save it up it can.

4 Washing Cars- On a hot weekend this is not only a lot of fun but very profitable.

5 Lemonade Stand- Bake some cookies, brownies or something and have fresh lemonade or kool aid and sell it on the corner.

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Money Making Kids is all about Kids and how to make money. When my 11-year-old son asked me how he could earn money I gave him a ton of ideas. He got so excited by it that he decided that he wanted to make a blog all about ways a kid can make money for others out there. Some days you'll find posts written by me and others by him.

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